90 Minute Luxury Skincare Matter Facials

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Indulge in our 90-minute luxury skincare matters facial, the ultimate pampering experience for your face, neck, and décolletage. Our skilled team will provide an uplifting and relaxing facial and hand massage, tailored to calm and promote dermal strength. Customized skincare treatments and masks are included, featuring a mix of top-of-the-line techniques such as microderm, dermaplane, aquaderm, scrubs, peels, clay, probiotic therapy, oxygen, and LED Therapy. You have the option to pick and choose or let our Master Estheticians recommend the perfect skincare package for you. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to treat yourself to a truly luxurious experience.


90 min Microderm

Indulge in the ultimate 90-minute microdermabrasion facial experience that is designed to leave your skin looking and feeling revitalized. Our highly skilled team of estheticians will start by treating your face, neck, and décolleté to a deep but gentle physical exfoliation that aims to brighten and smooth out your skin’s texture.

We’ll then use targeted LED therapy to address your specific skin concerns, such as fine lines, hyperpigmentation, or acne. The HF machine is also incorporated into the treatment to gently reduce acne-causing bacteria, resulting in clearer, more radiant skin.

In addition, we include extractions to help remove any impurities from your pores, followed by a personalized mask that will leave your skin looking refreshed and rejuvenated. We also offer oxygen treatments to hydrate and plump the skin, as well as a relaxing treatment that will leave you feeling completely refreshed and renewed.

Our 90-minute microdermabrasion facial is the perfect indulgence for anyone looking to enhance their skin’s appearance and feel truly pampered. Book now and experience the ultimate in luxury skincare.

Dermaplaning Luxury Package 90 MIN

Experience the ultimate in facial exfoliation with our 90-minute dermaplane deluxe upgrade. Our expert estheticians use a specialized tool to gently exfoliate the surface of your face, leaving your skin soft, smooth, and glowing. We also remove any small, fine hairs for an even more flawless finish.

Your neck and décolleté will also receive a custom exfoliation treatment, ensuring that your entire upper body is pampered and rejuvenated. Our deluxe upgrade includes hydration, oxygen, antioxidants, and peptides to nourish your skin and enhance its natural radiance.

We use high frequency technology to reduce acne-causing bacteria and free extractions to ensure your pores are thoroughly cleansed. A relaxing neck and hand massage enhances blood flow and circulation, while LED therapy boosts collagen production for a youthful, vibrant appearance. Treat yourself to the ultimate in luxury skincare with our dermaplane deluxe upgrade.

Pore Cleanse and Extractions 90 Min facial

During the Pore Cleanse and Extractions 90 Min facial, your skin will receive the ultimate deep cleansing treatment to remove impurities and unclog pores. We begin with an ultra-gentle cleanser and use ozone steam to open your pores for a deep clean. Next, we apply an enzyme or chemical peel to brighten your skin and prepare it for a long period of extractions.

Salicylic acid is then applied to disinfect the treated areas, followed by a Sulphur spot treatment to heal inflamed acne. To gently kill bacteria and promote circulation, we use high frequency technology. Additionally, blue LED light therapy is used to destroy acne-causing bacteria and help your skin regulate its natural oil production with no side effects.

This 90-minute facial is perfect for those with acne-prone skin or those who want a deep cleansing experience. Our expert estheticians will work with you to customize the treatment to your skin concerns and goals.

90 Minute Sensitive Queen Package

Great choice! The 90-minute Sensitive Queen Package is perfect for those with sensitive skin, acne-prone, dry, oily, or combination skin. We use ultrasonic sound waves to ensure a deep cleansing of your skin, a boost of collagen production, and maximum absorption of your skincare products. Our Aquaderm cleanse gently hydrates while effectively sucking out impurities and dirt.

This luxurious package includes a relaxing face massage, gentle extractions, a personalized mask, steam and steam towels to open pores and enhance absorption, and custom acne-prone lotions and potions specifically targeted to your skin concerns. Our expert estheticians will work with you to create the perfect skincare routine to keep your skin looking and feeling its best.


“I’ve had facials before, but this was on a whole other level! The 90-minute Skincare Matters facial left my skin feeling so rejuvenated and smooth. The esthetician customized the treatment to my specific skin concerns and I could really tell a difference afterwards. I can’t wait to go back for another one!” -Tammy G

“I struggle with acne-prone skin and have tried countless treatments over the years. The 90-minute Skincare Matters facial was a game-changer for me. The esthetician used a mix of techniques like microdermabrasion, LED therapy, and extractions to really target my problem areas. My skin has never looked clearer!” -Darla K.

“As someone with sensitive skin, I’m always hesitant to try new skincare treatments. But the 90-minute Skincare Matters facial was gentle yet effective. The esthetician used products and techniques that were tailored to my needs, and I left feeling relaxed and refreshed. I’ve already recommended this facial to all my friends!” -Sandi B.

Let’s create something amazing for your skin together.