Discover Your Radiance – Lash Lift and Tint Package for $75

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Are you ready to experience a transformation like never before? At Advanced Skin Shop, we bring you the ultimate beauty package that will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and absolutely radiant. Introducing our exclusive Lash Lift and Tint Package for just $75, which includes a hand treatment and lip mask. But that’s not all – here’s why you should choose our incredible offerings:

Lash Lift and Tint Package – $75

✨ Lash Lift and Tint: Achieve beautifully lifted and tinted lashes that frame your eyes perfectly. Say goodbye to the hassle of mascara, and wake up every morning with stunning lashes that make your eyes pop.

βœ‹ Hand Treatment: Pamper your hands with our luxurious treatment. Say farewell to dry, rough skin and hello to silky, soft hands that you’ll want to show off.

πŸ’‹ Lip Mask: Your lips deserve love too! Our lip mask will leave your lips feeling plump, smooth, and irresistibly kissable.

But wait, there’s more! When you choose our Lash Lift and Tint Package, you’ll also receive a bonus $100 Gift Card that you can use towards any of the following incredible treatments:

πŸ’† 60-Minute Facial: Experience pure relaxation and rejuvenation as our master estheticians work their magic on your skin.

❄️ Cryo Face Lift: Turn back the clock and achieve a youthful, lifted appearance with the power of cryotherapy.

😁 Teeth Whitening Kit: Brighten your smile and boost your confidence with our teeth whitening kit.

πŸ‘€ Double Chin Removal: Say goodbye to stubborn double chin concerns with our specialized treatment.

❄️ Cryo Lipo Session: Sculpt and tone your body with the help of cryo technology.

Upgrade Your Experience

Enhance your visit with our optional 30-Minute Glow and Go Facial, available for only $65 (regularly $85). Perfect for those on the go, this quick and effective facial provides maximum cleansing, exfoliation, and hydration. Maintain your skin’s natural beauty effortlessly.

30-Minute Facial Options

🌟 Pore Perfect Radiance Upgrade $65: Combat acne, unclog pores, and achieve a radiant complexion.

🌼 Gentle Glow Awakening Upgrade $65: Uncover radiant, glowing skin with our hydrating enzyme peels.

πŸ’¨ OxygenGlow Therapy Upgrade $65: Rejuvenate your skin and reveal a luminous, youthful glow.

✨ Microderm Glow Upgrade $65: Brighten and smooth your skin for a radiant, illuminated look.

πŸͺ’ DermaGlow Upgrade Treatment $65: Achieve smoother, clearer skin with our gentle scalpel treatment.

πŸƒ Detox Glow: Purify and revitalize your complexion with our soothing clay mask.

πŸ’§ Aqua Glow: Experience the power of gentle rejuvenation with mild chemical peels and precise extractions.

The Ultimate Spa Upgrade

Customize your experience with our additional spa treatments:

πŸ’† Gua Sha Facial Massage $30: Boost circulation, relieve tension, and promote lymphatic drainage. Suitable for all skin types.

❄️ Cryo Globe Facial Massage $25: Depuff under eyes, combat fine lines, and achieve firmer, smoother skin.

⚑ High Frequency Treatment $25: Tackle acne, reduce fine lines, and improve skin tone.

🌈 10-Minute LED Therapy: Promote anti-aging effects and reduce inflammation with LED therapy.

🧼 Extraction $45: Achieve an even, clear complexion and prevent future breakouts.

🎭 Custom Mask $25: Choose from hydrating, detoxifying, relaxing, calming, or purifying masks.

Brow and Lash Perfection

Enhance your beauty with our exclusive add-ons:

πŸ‘„ Upper Lip Wax $10: Achieve a perfectly groomed upper lip for a flawless look.

πŸ‘οΈ Brow Tint $20: Elevate your look with defined, long-lasting brows.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your beauty and experience the Advanced Skin Shop difference. Visit us at 1014 N Pines Rd, Ste 201, Spokane Valley, WA 99206, or call/text to book at 509-724-9177. You can also book online at AdvancedSkinShop.com. Hurry, as spots are limited!

Experience beauty that speaks for itself. Advanced Skin Shop – Redefining Radiance.

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